Barn Story 3D Farm Games Free Apk v1.5.0 Mod

Barn Story 3D Farm Games Free Apk ModBarn Story 3D Farm Games Free Apk v1.5.0 Mod is now available bringing all the new features along with it. Check out what the new Barn Story 3D Farm Games Free Apk Mod has to offer.

Barn Story 3D Farm Games Free Description:

Welcome to Barn Story, the loveliest farming game that you haven’t ever met.

A beautiful vale with fairy fertile soil, come here to develop a star farm! It is an ideal spot to make your dreaming place come true. No matter when people come to Barn Story, there are ease life and increasing number of friends.

Take care of your animals or crops and prepare to trade with neighbors. Personalize a unique farm and find more new friends. Visit neighbors’ farm and have a leisurely conversation, enjoy a lazy afternoon.
Complete more orders to get more coins for expansion, attend to this vibrant farm while killing boring time on the subway or on a train. Get some tiny happiness when meet a new neighbor. Here to enjoy harvest all the time and Warmness is on the way for you!

Barn Story will also afford more decorations in the coming version. Be fancy to decorate farm? Just do it!

Barn Story 3D Farm Games Free Apk Features:

– Personalize your farm
– Trade goods and crops with friends and neighbors
– Complete orders on the Billboard
– Have voice and message chat with all of other players
– Kinds of decorations waiting for you
– Use Facebook account to play game and save game data on different devices

Barn Story will come to a big update now~! Christmas Event will open! Take a look at this event!
1.Christmas Sign-in Event: Check-in System open! Visit a friend’s farm every day and tap the Christmas Tree for the first time to get a Christmas sock (only five times a day). Socks can be used to exchange different chests, open the chest can get huge rewards! If you make new friends, the first visit will get 2 socks!
2.Christmas Flash Sale: Farm Story prepare a large Christmas discount! Buy a gift pack and you will get an extra festive Christmas decoration!

Of course, Barn Story also adds many new content to make your farm more interesting! Read information below and you will know!
1.Make friends! Get some interesting people to be your friends!
2.Never be alone! Now you can go to other players’ farm! Click figures or click the Enter Button in their Roadside Shop to visit their farms.
3.New thing to play! Mine now open up! Mr. Mole will help you to find kinds of ores!
4.One new crop—Hop. One new fruit—Raspberry. Your farm will become more fun!
5.By the way, you will find some surprises in the chests that appeared on the ground~! Click them to get something good!
We are very thankful for your reading! Glad to see you still here in Barn Story with us!


Barn Story 3D Farm Games Free Apk Mod Barn Story 3D Farm Games Free Apk Mod Barn Story 3D Farm Games Free Apk Mod Barn Story 3D Farm Games Free Apk Mod

Barn Story 3D Farm Games Free Apk Mod

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