Beauty and the Beast Apk v1.4.19.8007 Mod

Beauty and the Beast Apk ModBeauty and the Beast Apk v1.4.19.8007 Mod is now available bringing all the new features along with it. Check out what the new Beauty and the Beast Apk Mod has to offer.

Beauty and the Beast Description:

A merchant, during one of his errands, plucked a rose for his beautiful daughter Bella, from the garden of a desolate palace. Immediately, a beast appeared and threatened to kill him. The merchant pleaded for mercy, saying that he had three daughters to look after, but the beast paid no heed to his requests.The beast agreed to spare the merchant on only one condition- the merchant would have to leave Bella to him. When Bella, heard all this from her father, she readily agreed to go to the beast to save her father.

Time passed by, Bella realized that the beast was actually kind-hearted. She started liking him. The beast, too, fell in love with Bella.

Would the beast ever let Bella to meet her family? Find out what fate has in store for them.

Beauty and the Beast Apk Features:

– Original and superb music
– Fantastic sound effects that make the story more exciting
– Simple and easy text for kids of all ages to enjoy the story
– Interactive story-telling with fabulous graphics and animations that make the characters life like.
– Text highlighting and brilliant professional narration
– Impeccable effects and colourful illustration for kids to enjoy
– 18 pages of fun filled effects
– Audio on/off
– Mind blowing activities like- card designing, spot the difference and coloring game and much more

So, get set for a different experience, an experience that you would never forget.
All with Story Time.


Beauty and the Beast Apk Mod Beauty and the Beast Apk Mod Beauty and the Beast Apk Mod Beauty and the Beast Apk Mod

Beauty and the Beast Apk Mod

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