Girls Tribe after school Apk v1.0.5 Mod

Girls Tribe after school Apk ModGirls Tribe after school Apk v1.0.5 Mod is now available bringing all the new features along with it. Check out what the new Girls Tribe after school Apk Mod has to offer.

Girls Tribe after school Description:

■ Customers whose game does not progress after the GooglePlay game logo
Please check your account settings on your device and confirm that your Google Account is logged in.
After school Girls Tribe will need to log in to Google Play game.

■ “Batch download” If
you download the game data in bulk after the tutorial is over, you will be comfortable with subsequent game play. Because of the large amount of data, we recommend running in an environment with stable communication such as Wi-Fi. Even if you cancel on the way, you can do it at any time from menu> Other> Batch Download at the top right of the home screen.

Girls Tribe after school Apk Features:

▼ New sense Weight turn battle! It is!
– Manipulate the flow of the battle with the command!
· The selected command determines the next action sequence!
· Friendship skills are activated with friends next to each other!
· Kizuna Drive, a bond that spinning with friends is spinning!
– Equipped with easy auto play and double speed mode!

▼ Move back and forth between two different worlds!
· The main story of the girls who confront the black fog · The
remembrance corridor approaching the mystery of the misfortune that hit the world
· The truth awaiting the story of these two axes is …

▼ Weapons and costumes where the combination is the key to strategy!
· All weapons and costumes can evolve to star 6!
· Let’s get new power with awakening that is only allowed on limited equipment!
· Many other breeding elements too!

▼ Various wearing elements
and equipment can be customized to your liking
· Albums that you can enjoy daily and unexpected album
· Viewing screen that you can take a commemorative photo with your favorite


Girls Tribe after school Apk Mod

Girls Tribe after school Apk Mod

Girls Tribe after school Apk Mod

Girls Tribe after school Apk Mod

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