Witch Puzzle – Match 3 Game Apk v2.4.9 Mod

Witch Puzzle - Match 3 Game Apk ModWitch Puzzle – Match 3 Game Apk v2.4.9 Mod is now available bringing all the new features along with it. Check out what the new Witch Puzzle – Match 3 Game Apk Mod has to offer.

Witch Puzzle – Match 3 Game Apk Mod

Witch Puzzle – Match 3 Game Apk v2.4.9 Mod: Link  | Mirror

Witch Puzzle – Match 3 Game Description:

Experience the thrill of a fun and addicting Match 3 puzzle game with a Halloween twist: Witch Puzzle!

Witchcraft is now both fun and entertaining with Witch Puzzle! For all you boys and girls out there who loves wizardry and witchery, make sure to play this highly addictive match 3 game with amazing graphics!

The items in this matching game are skulls, pumpkins, witch hats, mushrooms, moons, and poisoned apples. When you match more than 3 of them of the same type, enhanced items such as Magic Fire, Crystal Ball, and Magic Book will be unveiled. Combine them to create massive magical explosions and clear levels!

Explore the magic world of Witch Puzzle that includes a witch city, a magic school, castles, mountains, a haunted house, a waterfall, a cemetery, an island, and a cave, laid out as a world map.

Help the cute little witch who is learning to cast spells advance through her magical world by solving the puzzles presented by the powerful Wizard! She needs all the help she can get. Are you ready to switch to your witch avatar? Put on your witch hat now!

Witch Puzzle – Match 3 Game Apk Features:

– A number of spectacular levels for those who love challenges: reaching target scores, clearing all the spider webs, and bringing down all the magic potions
– Amazing magical boosters to power up for harder levels
– Combine enchanted items in spectacular combos to clear levels in big matches
– Free chance to win Boosters when you play on a daily basis
– Unlock fantastic items by completing levels and also unlock hidden special levels
– Beat challenging enemies like the Weaver Spider, the Icy Penguin, the Hungry Frog and many others.
– Completely FREE strategy and matching game with FREE updates, including new levels and challenges
– Seamless Facebook integration to share your progress with friends and invite them to play!
– Super easy and fun to play, but hard to master!


Witch Puzzle - Match 3 Game Apk Mod

Witch Puzzle - Match 3 Game Apk Mod

Witch Puzzle - Match 3 Game Apk Mod

Witch Puzzle - Match 3 Game Apk Mod


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