Word Puzzle Cookies Jumble Apk v0.31 Mod

Word Puzzle Cookies Jumble Apk ModWord Puzzle Cookies Jumble Apk v0.31 Mod is now available bringing all the new features along with it. Check out what the new Word Puzzle Cookies Jumble Apk Mod has to offer.

Word Puzzle Cookies Jumble Description:

Come and Play words with friends! Guess and Swipe the Word!

With 1300+ levels, this is one of the best word search / word brain teaser game ever made! A Free & Fun brain teaser game! Word Puzzle – Cookies Jumble Bakery is a very fun word puzzle game. Swipe the letters, find out the hidden words and collect bonus! Make tasty word biscuits and word cookies!

Do you enjoy delicious BREAD & COOKIES? Do you like baking various PASTRY on the kitchen oven? Do you love COOKING in the kitchen? Then certainly you will love Word Bakery!

Unlike crossword or other word search or word guess games, Word Bakery is an utterly new word game that will challenge your imagination and skills.

Word Puzzle Cookies Jumble Apk Features:

— Touch and Swipe the letters to make word bread & word cookies.
— Connect letters in any directions, whether it be vertical, horizontal, diagonal or any other directions.
— Blue Jam Letter is part of every word, and should be used in every word you build!
— Tap the Shuffle button to change the order of letters.
— Tap the Hint button to get tips / hints.

— 1300+ LEVELS for you to play! Best word search & crossword game ever!
— Blue Letter Mode: Blue letter part of every word and thus you should build every word with it.
— Butterfly hint is FUN. Drive the butterfly to reveal more letters!
— Jingerbread boy. Save the precious bread before the evil jingerbread boy eat them!
— 18 Titles of Baker awaits you! Play your best to be promoted!
— Various Bread, Waffle, Donut, Cracker, Cookies, Muffin, Pie, Tart, Toast for you to challenge!
— More levels under development. Coming Soon!
— Free coins to collect for 7 days.
— EASY AND FUN to play; Intuitive operation.
— Gorgeous graphics and Soothing BGM / sound effects.
— Play offline; Play with no time limit!
— Anagram & Word Jumble!


Word Puzzle Cookies Jumble Apk Mod Word Puzzle Cookies Jumble Apk Mod Word Puzzle Cookies Jumble Apk Mod Word Puzzle Cookies Jumble Apk Mod

Word Puzzle Cookies Jumble Apk Mod

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