5 important health tips that your sweat will tell you


5 important health tips that your sweat will tell you

Sweating cools our body temperature and for this purpose, the sweat glands in the body release saltwater. In addition to hot weather, sweat is also released on the occasion of any emotional or serious medical condition. Experts say that when a person reaches the age of puberty, the sweat glands open spontaneously and usually remain open till the last breath of a person and if you have never sweated, it could be a disease. ۔

This article will cover different types of sweat so that you can know what health symptoms they show.

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No. 1 more salty sweat

Like tears in the eyes, sweat is usually salty but if it is more salty than usual and it is biting into the eye flowing from the eye or it has started to burn by sticking to any part of the body then it is a sign. That you are developing sodium deficiency and sodium deficiency can invite many dangerous diseases such as dehydration so contact a doctor immediately.

No. 2 Very little sweat

The Lord of the Universe has given each human being a different body so some people sweat more and some less but if you sweat very little or not at all then it is a disease which is called aneurysms in medical science and its The disease can cause high body temperature, heatstroke, heat exhaustion and all of these can be very dangerous, so in such a case, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

No. 3 Excessive sweating

Excessive sweating, like low sweating, is a disease called hyperhidrosis, which usually appears in winter without any reason and also occurs during menopause in women. In some cases this can be a serious problem, especially when you are losing weight fast for no reason with excessive sweating.

No. 4 Stinky Sweat

Woman sweating badly under the armpit
Sweat usually has no odor, but when the bacteria in the body grow inside it, it starts to stink, and this stench is usually related to your food, your environment, and the use of certain medicines. Which stinks in sweat.

No. 5 Pregnant women and sweating

Pregnant women usually sweat more than usual and this is also the first sign of pregnancy that sweating starts to increase at the same time body odor also changes and one of the main reasons for this is that The blood supply to the body is intensified so that the baby can get more oxygen and nutrition for nourishment and it is good for the mother to consume more water daily, bathe daily, wear loose clothes and Avoid spicy foods.

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