7 Foods that can turn your body odor into a pleasing aroma


7 Foods that can turn your body odor into a pleasing aroma
Body odor often causes embarrassment and although this odor is related to human family genes, it is also due to certain foods that are eaten. In this article, we will mention the foods that eliminate this odor from food and also identify the foods which increase the body odor.
No. 1 milk and yogurt
The culture found in yogurt reduces body odor and at the same time, the vitamin D in yogurt eliminates the bacteria that build up in the mouth which eliminates bad breath while the choline in milk The compound increases body odor.
No. 2 Tea, coffee and coffee
Green tea, coffee, etc. are rich in antioxidants and it removes waste products from the body which reduces body odor while caffeine in tea and coffee increases body odor.
No. 3 apples and cabbage
Apples have natural detergent properties and it eliminates bad breath, while cabbage contains choline, a vitamin B-like nutrient that causes body odor.
No. 4 Canoe Lemon and Halwa Pumpkin
Stress fruits have a pleasing aroma and are able to be absorbed immediately by the body, which can turn the body odor into a pleasant odor. Increases body odor.
No. 5 Lychee and Cinnamon vs. Garlic and Onion
Cardamom and cinnamon, where they improve the taste of your food, eliminate bad breath and body odor and refresh your breath, while garlic and onions are high in sulfur and sulfur. During metabolism, it is excreted from the body’s pores and causes odor.
No. 6 fish and red meat
Excessive consumption of red meat causes body odor and according to a study, people who do not eat red meat for 2 weeks, women are more attracted to their body odor while white fish meat does not contain any such elements. If you want to go on a date, don’t worry and eat fish meat.
No. 7 Fenugreek seeds and pumpkin seeds
Fenugreek seeds improve digestion and help digest food faster and eliminate body odor, while pumpkin seeds contain large amounts of choline, an odor-causing agent. Is.
Note: Our body needs proper diet to stay healthy and foods such as red meat, garlic, etc., although they cause bad smell, have good effects on the health of our body, but excess of these foods harms the health. Therefore, it is important to use adequate amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, etc. in the diet and remember that excess of anything can lead to imbalance.

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