7 Mistakes Before Going To Bed That Make Us Fat In Sleep


7 Mistakes Before Going To Bed That Make Us Fat In Sleep

Excess body weight, which makes a person sluggish and lazy, causes many other diseases and according to research, obesity shortens life. According to experts, unreasonable weight gain is linked to pre-sleep habits and if you recognize these weight gain habits and give them up, your health will improve and you will also get rid of obesity. Will get

This article covers 7 pre-bed habits that can cause us to become obese during sleep and harm our health.

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No. 1 dinner

We all know that eating after 6 pm is not a good habit but still most people have dinner at night and eat snacks even before going to bed. Experts say that eating late at night is a major cause of weight gain and this habit raises our cholesterol, affects insulin levels in the body, and breaks down hormones, so eat at least 2 hours before bedtime. Take it and remember that the calories you eat, if you do not use them for exercise, etc., these calories begin to accumulate in your body in the form of fat.

No. 2 Tea and coffee before bed

Consumption of tea and coffee before going to bed at night also affects health, where it disturbs your sleep according to modern research tea and coffee, should not be drunk for 6 hours before going to bed because of the chlorogenic acid contained in coffee according to science. There is a strong link between obesity and experts say that if the habit of tea and coffee before going to bed is replaced with green tea and coffee, it has many good effects on health.

No. 3 Not getting enough sleep

According to experts, 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night is essential for our body and if this sleep is not taken then health problems start to occur. According to modern research, sleep disturbances and lack of sleep are closely related to our body’s metabolism and it has a very bad effect on metabolism and metabolic disorders can also lead to obesity.

Exercise number 4

Exercise and physical activity play a vital role in reducing obesity, speeding up the body’s metabolism and helping to burn the extra calories that accumulate in the body in the form of fat. Even if you walk, you can burn about 100 calories, that is, 700 calories in a week and with this routine you can lose more than 4 kg in a year.

No. 5 Use of electronic devices before going to bed

Research shows that blue light emitted from the screens of mobile phones etc. disturbs our sleep and sleep disorders are a major cause of obesity.

No. 6 waking up late

Believe it or not, experts say that those who get up early in the morning have less body fat than those who get up late and they do not suffer from obesity. Does not happen

No. 7 Improper color

The light blue color is soothing and if you use this color in your bedroom and bedsheets etc. it will make your sleep darker and calmer and increase the red and mastering energy levels. Are and cause hunger so pay attention to the colors used in your bedroom and choose the colors that cause comfort.

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