9 Benefits Of Walking Barefoot That Will Surprise You


9 Benefits Of Walking Barefoot That Will Surprise You
Walking barefoot in the street or in the market is considered a defect in our country but nowadays the practice of walking barefoot is increasing in many countries of the world including Europe and America and one of the major reasons for this is the modern research of experts There are countless health benefits to walking and these benefits are included in this article to increase your knowledge and you can also improve your health with this interesting habit.

No. 1 Straight feet heal

One of the main reasons for flat feet or soles of the feet is the use of bad shoes and experts say that walking without shoes can fix straight feet, especially on beach sand, grass, and up and down paths. And if you run barefoot, it can quickly create an elbow in the lower left arm.

No. 2 strengthens the internal organs

The thicker a person’s blood, the greater the risk of heart disease and heart attack, according to modern research. There are many pressure points related to the liver and kidneys that are depressed and according to these acupressure experts, their performance is better.

No. 3 protects against radiation

There is a natural electric charge inside the earth that balances the factors inside us and when we walk barefoot the electrons in the earth remove from our body the electricity which causes mental stress and depression and It makes a person feel calm.

No. 4 Sight is better

Acupressure is one of the oldest therapeutic treatments used in China, according which there are blood vessels under the feet that are connected to the internal organs of the body, especially the brain, heart, liver, and kidneys. When pressed in a certain order, it strengthens these limbs and while walking barefoot, the feet touch the ground in a special order and this arrangement improves vision according to acupressure experts.

No. 5 Vitamin D.

Walking barefoot exposes the skin to the sun’s rays and produces vitamin D, experts say. Walking barefoot on grass in the morning and evening can make up for vitamin D deficiency.

No. 6 Body Posture

Our habit of getting up and sitting down and not exercising spoils the posture of our body and creates an elbow in the back and neck. So make it a habit to walk barefoot for some time every day.

No. 7 Memory is better

According to a recent study, running barefoot for 16 minutes a day can improve memory by up to 16%, and experts say that the reason for this is that when running barefoot, a person thinks carefully every step of the way. Improves brain function.

No. 8 can eliminate headaches

Walking without shoes can lead to headaches, especially migraines, because according to experts, the main cause of migraines is the electrical appliances that produce radiation in our environment, and when it goes barefoot, it disappears. Is done

No. 9 back pain

Our shoes that are not comfortable, especially heeled shoes, put a heavy load on certain muscles of our body and if this load falls on the muscles of the back, it causes back pain and walking barefoot only. It does not strengthen the muscles of the feet, but rather eliminates the bending of the back and neck and improves posture, which in turn reduces back pain.

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