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Abrupt withdrawal of tea can lead to the following health problems

Although drinking tea or coffee has many health benefits since both of these beverages contain caffeine, those who drink them are usually addicted to them and it is a good idea to get rid of these beverages on such occasions. The decision is made, but if left unchecked, it can have serious health consequences, so experts say that they should gradually reduce their daily intake instead of giving up.

In this article, we will look at the health effects of skipping a cup of tea or coffee to increase our knowledge about caffeine.

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No. 1 can be a headache

Tea drinkers know that if they have a headache when they wake up in the morning, a cup of tea or coffee will sting them. This is because drinking tea or coffee narrows the veins that carry blood to the head and when you stop using tea etc. these veins dilate and the blood flow in them becomes faster which The cause is a headache.

No. 2 Being anxious or nervous

If a person has a habit of drinking caffeinated beverages and quits them suddenly, it can make him nervous and panic because the body has become accustomed to drinking these beverages, and quitting them can lead to mental stress, etc. If you use sugar in these drinks then quitting them can make these symptoms even more annoying.

Number 3 can affect the skin

Anxiety causes excessive sweating in the body and speeds up the heartbeat and these things damage the skin. Anxiety and stress add a special hormone called cortisol to the body. This stress hormone increases the amount of oil in the skin pores, which causes blackhead on the skin and these pores on the skin. Are closed. Stress and anxiety can cause severe skin damage and cause the skin to age prematurely.

Number 4 teeth can be sensitive

One of the worst health effects of caffeine withdrawal is that it can cause nausea and tooth decay. Tea or coffee, although it can make teeth dirty, leaving it abruptly can affect the health of your mouth.

Number 5 can cause dizziness

Tea drinkers know that if they feel lightheaded in the morning, tea will cure them, but quitting this drink all at once has its effects on the body and causes dizziness. May be.

No. 6 Lack of attention

Tea and coffee increase your focus, especially when you are reading and writing, and if these drinks are skipped, it becomes difficult to concentrate because to concentrate. You are addicted to tea and coffee.

Note: If you are also addicted to tea or coffee and you want to live a caffeine-free life then it is very possible that you will also experience the above-mentioned symptoms by quitting tea all of a sudden. Take one and two cups of tea a day, of course, because drinking tea also has many benefits for the body.

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