Babies get colds quickly. These precautions must be taken


Babies get colds quickly.

While the cold is painful for the elderly, it is also dangerous for young children as young children are more prone to the harshness of the weather. According to experts, the immune system of infants is weakened and cannot provide protection against the spread of common infections. According to a study, children under one year of age get cold and flu 6 to 8 times in the first year. Follow the tips below to protect young children from colds and flu so that children’s health is not affected by the cold.

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Symptoms of cold in young children

Young children are not able to express their pain in language so it is the responsibility of parents to pay immediate attention to any signs of distress in them especially not to ignore these symptoms. Runny nose, nasal congestion, runny nose, fever, sneezing, cough, loss of appetite, irritability, difficulty sleeping, difficulty in drinking milk due to nasal congestion, etc.

According to experts, these tips should be followed to protect young children from the cold so that children can stay healthy. Pediatricians always advise parents to keep their young children away from people who have a cold or any other illness because viruses and bacteria can infect children very quickly.

If the child plays with toys, etc., keep the toy clean and do not let anyone else play with it. It is also important for parents to keep a handkerchief over their mouth when coughing so that they do not get contaminated with germs and then clean their hands after coughing. ۔

According to experts, it is important for the mother to clean her hands before lifting the baby and never lift the baby with cold hands. Usually, housewives pick up the baby during work, such as washing clothes when their own clothes are wet or their body is cold, which increases the risk of the baby becoming ill. Is. It is important for the mother to warm herself before lifting the baby.

Babies are fed milk and the most important thing for an infant is breast milk so mothers should try to breastfeed their babies and see their doctor if they are not getting enough milk. Use supplements that increase milk production. Liver feeding is also very beneficial for lactating mothers to increase milk production. Similarly, fresh fruits and vegetables should be included in the mother’s diet to improve her health and provide natural nutrition to the baby. Coins

Before putting a baby to bed, it is important to make sure that the bed is not wet or cold, and if the bed is not warm, warm it first, and if there is a fired heater in the baby’s room for cold. Etc. If it is burnt, try to put water in a pot over it so that the humidity in the room is not bad. Lack of humidity in the air increases the risk of developing respiratory diseases in young children Hemodifiers etc. can also be used for maintenance.

Note: If the child is unwell, take him/her to a doctor immediately so that if there is any disease, he/she can be treated on time.

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