Causes of leaf stone formation and its treatment


Causes of leaf stone formation and its treatment

Due to bad eating habits and distance from exercise, the incidence of gallstones in the leaves of many people has increased a lot nowadays and dozens of people’s leaves are being surgically removed in the big hospitals every day. In this article, we will learn why leaf formation causes stones and how to prevent it.

Leaf stone is a very painful disease and when it grows, the person becomes desperate for pain and you must have seen such patients around or in friends. Before we know why this happens, it is important for us to know what works in our bodies.

Alzheimer’s stores: The leaf acts as a bridge between our liver and small intestine and is a small pouch-shaped organ located at the bottom of the back of the liver and is intended to protect the bile. Can be used immediately if needed. Bile is an enzyme produced in the liver and the liver of a healthy person is capable of producing up to 800 grams of bile juice in 24 hours. Called duct. When we eat something, the leaf leaves the bile in the upper part of the small intestine and this bile helps in the digestion of food.

Causes of leaf damage: Leaf disease is a common disease and occurs when the liquid in the leaf begins to dry out. When this liqueur dries, the salt, sugar, and other elements in the leaf combine with each other to form a rock called gallstone in medical science. There are two types of these gallstones, No. 1 Cholesterol, these stones are green and yellow, and No. 2 pigment. When there is pain in the upper right side of the abdomen, gas is produced, heaviness is felt, vomiting occurs, and sweating, then these are the signs that a stone has formed in the leaf.

Causes of the disease: Too much ghee and fat in the diet, as well as spicy foods are enough to cause the disease, it affects women more than men, especially women who use a birth control pill for birth control or have been taking hormone therapy, etc. for a long time.

Treatment: Gallstone disease in the leaves can be controlled by early detection and treatment. Fortunately, allopathic remedies also contain medicines to control this disease, but to get rid of this disease, it is very important that you pay attention to your diet and remove ghee, oil, etc. from the diet. Oil should be added and with a balanced diet and proper exercise you can control the disease but if you have failed to do so and the disease has progressed then surgery is your last resort.

In surgical treatment, the leaf is cut off and according to the doctor, the patient recovers in a month but remember that one minute of illness and pain is too long and one month is too long so if you control this disease with a good diet, it is the best treatment and not only it strengthens the leaves but also helps in improving the health of the whole body.

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