Feed children their favorite foods to boost their immune system


Feed children their favorite foods to boost their immune system

With the changing seasons, the risk of flu and cough increases along with the infection of flu and it becomes more important to take special care of children’s health in this season. Children can get sick if they are careless in this season, doctors always recommend strengthening the immune system to prevent viral infections. Children’s health should not be adversely affected, especially during the Corona virus epidemic. To boost children’s immunity, they must be given these foods in their diet so that their immune system is not weakened.

Babies are usually addicted to chocolate and candies so feed them Gummy Bear candies to strengthen their immune system (these candies are available in many flavors and are common at any good store) because these candies Ingredients like glucose syrup, starch, citric acid and gelatin are found and these ingredients help in strengthening the immune system of children. Don’t let them eat sweets before bed.

You will also find in the market a number of chocolates and candies that strengthen the immune system of children and which contain large amounts of Vitamin C and children eat them with great relish but most of these candies are for health. It is harmful, so it is best for you to consult a doctor to find out the right amount of these candies for children as the doctor will prescribe them according to the child’s weight.

Another favorite food of children is biscuits which they love to eat. And these biscuits can be easily made at home and even if you don’t have an oven to bake biscuits there are many biscuit making techniques on youtube etc that bake biscuits without oven, just One thing to keep in mind is to include ingredients in biscuits that are best for immunity, such as dried fruits, especially cashews, walnuts, almonds, molasses, cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper, honey and refined grains. And fresh butter, etc.

Fresh fruit juices, etc., are rich in vitamin C, and doctors say that vitamin C is a vitamin that is very important for the immune system, so fresh fruit juices, including apples, malts, lentils, carrots. Give kiwi and other children’s favorite fruit juices to drink after breakfast and before lunch so that their body can better absorb the nutrients contained in the juices and strengthen their immune system.

Note: Children get their hands dirty during play, so they must wash their hands, as these dirty hands are a source of germs, and when they inadvertently or knowingly put them in their mouths, these germs. They go into their stomachs. And in that case, if their immune system is strong, they will be able to control these germs and prevent them from becoming infected. But if the child develops an infection, check with a doctor to prevent the disease from progressing.

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