His, Forever

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His, Forever Novel PDF – A partner is something that every werewolf appearance hope to have. They want to be loved, appreciated and safe, but what if one thing you need protecting from is your partner?

Olivia Carson lost the one thing he thought he could count on having forever. Family. Now he finds himself holding the hope of finding the next best thing. He is married.

What he wants is the endless love but read the moon goddess granted her with eternal hatred.

He married, Alexander Mason alpha of the pack Red Moon, grew to believe that the pair is currently weakness.The he meets Olivia, he finds himself attracted to her tantly but refuses to admit it to himself.

He will do anything to make sure he was suffering and misery.

However, can they both deny the pair bond?

He really wanted me to go. My partner, one that is meant to love me more than anything, wanted to kill me, t * e me and hurt me.

Took all the courage I had left, I said ten words that will forever haunt me.

” I, Olivia Carson, reject you Alexander Mason, as my mate!”

About the Author

“Whatever are souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” Favourite Literary Quote^^ A weird loud student, who loves to express them self through the imagination and art of writing. ⒽⒶⓅⓅⓎ ⓇⒺⒶⒹⒾⓃⒼ


TitleHis, Forever
Published onOct 8, 2019

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