Perfectly Broken

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Download Perfectly Broken Book PDF

Perfectly Broken Novel PDF – Alec was my loved ones, people I want to be with right now, but he did not want me. He just wants to be friends. So Ryan here, brat this High Ryswick, proposes that we become s * x friend to fulfill unrequited love us. It seems that she has a crush on Chelsea Baker, after the head cheerleader before moving to an all girls Catholic school in Montana. As for me, Emma Thorne, had a crush on me, Alec, is still here as my best friend who has a girlfriend he liked that brings us back to … “aahhh!”

Emma Thorne has more secrets than she wanted. Distracted by an unrequited love for one of his best friends, Alec Romano, he agreed to be the “s * x friends” with Ryan Brighton, poor child rebels and childhood bullies, aware of his past haunted, to conquer the appeal. However, when a series of murders and the secret began to be unveiled, she slowly realized that how dangerous Ryan Brighton possible …

About the Author

Hello! I’m Charnee13. I’m a Pisces which means that I’m a creative dreamer, a make-believer, and an emotional thinker. I do like to experiment with my writing once in a while. This has been my passion since I could remember and I dream of being a bestselling novelist. I hope you all enjoy my books! Peace! =)


TitlePerfectly Broken
Published onSept 29, 2018

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