What to do if you have a liver infection


What to do if you have a liver infection

Liver disease has reached alarming proportions in Pakistan and according to a report, there are more than 1.2 million liver patients who are in urgent need of a liver transplant these patients are waiting for a Messiah at the last stage of their disease but Messiah. It exists, but it is so expensive that a poor person cannot even think about it.

This article includes precautions that should be taken immediately in the event of a liver infection so that the disease does not spread further or it can be fatal.

The most common cause of liver disease in Pakistan is the pathogenic virus (hepatitis virus) and there are several variants of the virus. The virus is transmitted from person to person and its symptoms begin to appear within 2 to 4 weeks of the virus being transmitted.

Hepatitis C virus is also common in Pakistan and this virus is also spread through blood and dirty water is also a major reason for the spread of this virus and this virus also affects the liver. If he donates, he also gets infected with the disease. Similarly, the person infected person’s utensils, especially shaving equipment, immediately transmit the virus to another person and the symptoms of this virus are also different. Begin to appear in 4 weeks.

Hepatitis D and E are also fast-spreading strains of the pathogenic virus, which are spread from patients’ stool to live in crowded places in dirty environments and severely affect the liver.

Symptoms of infection

Common symptoms of the virus include lethargy, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and diarrhea and, if left unchecked, enlarged liver, as well as spleen enlargement. Frequent abdominal pain is a common symptom of this disease.

When the disease is ignored for a long time, all the above symptoms appear in the patient at once, and in women, menstruation stops, hemorrhage often breaks out, and colored spots appear on the body and skin. But itching becomes a common problem and at the same time, joint pain starts and this disease affects not only the liver but also the kidneys and lungs.

What to do in case of illness

If the liver infection has increased then such a patient should rest for a long time and should not do any hard work and at the same time must eat a diet containing 2200 to 3000 calories.


If you live in an area where hepatitis is more prevalent, it is best to get vaccinated against the disease, using boiled drinking water as the disease is spread rapidly by drinking dirty water as well as your own. Keep food clean and wash vegetables and meat thoroughly before cooking and never use each other’s personal items such as towels.

Although medical science did not have a cure for this disease until a few years ago, now fortunately many hepatitis viruses are treatable, so in case of liver infection, contact your doctor immediately and treat it carefully. Get it done and remember that the soul is the world.

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