Zahid’s booster vaccine has been given to half the population of the European Union


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EU Commissioner for Health Stella Kariakides said in a statement on Twitter that more than 70 per cent of citizens had been fully vaccinated, and that more than 50 per cent of them had a booster dose of the vaccine. Has gone

In EU countries, 52.5% of the population has been given a booster dose of the vaccine against COD-19.

More than 70 percent of citizens were fully vaccinated, and more than 50 percent of them had a booster dose of the vaccine, said Stella Kariakides, a member of the European Commission responsible for health, in a statement on Twitter.

He said the epidemic was not over and vaccinations should continue.

According to figures from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), 328 million people in the European Union, with a population of about 450 million, have been fully vaccinated to date and at least 238 million people have been vaccinated. Booster doses have been administered to about 52.5% of the population.

Vaccination rates vary widely among EU member states. While the rate of fully vaccinated population was 86% and booster dose was 67% in Malta, the rate was recorded at 29% and 9% in Bulgaria.

Vaccination campaigns in EU countries began on 27 December 2020, and booster doses began on 9 November 2021.

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